Work Station Assessments

Prevent injuries in the first place with work station and desk assessments.

On Site Physiotherapy Clinic

Staff get seen by a Physiotherapist quickly and regularly to ensure they are fit to work asap.

Return to Work Programme

We work with line managers to help staff off sick to get back to work, we set achievable goals and help the individual to achieve these.

Advice Helpline - 7 days a week

Advice phone line available for staff or managers, quick advice can help ensure injuries are not made any worse.

In 2013 131 million days were lost to sickness.  Out of all of these days lost more were due to back, neck, and muscle pain than any other cause.  With an on-site physiotherapist, we can not only assess the working environment of your employees to reduce the amount of sick days that need to be taken, we can also help manage conditions if any injuries do occur.

Our Workforce packages can include any or all of these services and are design bespoke to suit the needs of your company:

  • On-site physiotherapy (early assessment and referral)

  • Work station assessments (prevention & cure)

  • Health promotion/education talks and workshops

  • Strength  and conditioning for work exercise classes

  • Tailor return to work programme in conjunction with line managers

  • Advice for line managers regarding injuries and management

  • Advice helpline (7 days a week)