Finely Tuned Physiotherapy offers everything you need in a sports physio. When you visit them you know they won’t just focus on the injury in front of them by giving you a rub, a pill and telling you to rest until it is better. Rather they will ensure they identify what you were doing so they can understand how the injury could have occurred. This enables them to treat the injury appropriately to allow you to return to your sport at the earliest opportunity. Finely Tuned Physiotherapy understands sportsmen and how important their sport is to them and will do everything they can to get you back there, sport is very much part of their rehabilitation plans.
Richard Fuller, Chairman, East Essex Triathlon Club
I struggled for many years with ITB which caused pain when running any further than 10 miles. Had been to many different physio’s who helped to treat the immediate cause of pain – but Finely Tuned Physiotherapy took the time to properly evaluate the root cause and following a successful course of treatment and preventative measures my ITB is now under control – so much so that I can now run marathons and complete Ironman distance races! If only Finely Tuned Physiotherapy could make me run a little faster!
Neil Lynch, Triathlete
Gemma helped resolve a herniated disc/back problem that had caused me huge discomfort for about 18 months. Instead of doing as the Chiropractor and Osteopaths had and just focused upon ‘clicking’ my back, Gemma quickly re-assessed things and as a result found that my back pain was actually an after effect of very tight hamstrings. As a result, once Gemma had been worked on these (don’t expect this not to hurt!!) my back gradually returned to normal. As a result, from barely sleeping at night and constantly worrying that my back would ‘go’ I have now returned to playing competitive football and golf. Thanks Gemma, you are truly a star. I have since returned to have further injuries rectified as a result of playing football again!! It’s a scam I tell you… I would wholeheartedly recommend Gemma to anyone with any injury.
Darren Whitworth
I have been treated at Finely Tuned for aprox 3 years. They are very knowledgable physiotherapists offering a great deal of support for athletes and patients. The service provided is excellent with the aim of getting you back up and running as soon as possible. As an athlete you want to be treated by someone who has a depth of knowledge in sport and exercise, and their passion for sport is evident and inspires great confidence and reassurance.
Graeme Silcock, EETC Triathlete