Due to the recent spread of COVID-19 we are now offering a complete risk-free way of helping with your recovery via video appointment.  All you need is a smart phone, tablet or PC. As rehabilitation plays such a large part of your recovery, we can use video appointments to plan and prescribe a specific programme for your needs.  Video appointments last 30 minutes and cost £30, and are covered by health insurance companies due to the current situation.


These video consultations are ideal for completing the following:

  1. Full medical questionnaire and discussion/observation of your injury.
  2. Assessment of your injury. Just as we would if you were in the clinic, we can guide you through a range of specific tests via a video call to help identify the cause of your pain.
  3. Plan and prescribe rehabilitation exercises and programmes.
  4. Advice on how to manage the injury including self-treatment techniques, pain management, and the do’s and don’ts of your specific injury.
  5. We can then talk through and demonstrate the exercises prescribed. Details of which can be emailed over to you.
  6. We can also answer any questions you may have.


How to book:

  1. Book a Video Appointment (30 Minute) online, you can also book by emailing info@finelytuned.co.uk.
  2. Once booked then email info@finelytuned.co.uk to confirm how you would like the video call to be completed out of the following options:
  • Skype – Please confirm your Skype username. Skype is free and you can click here to download the app for your device.
  • WhatsApp – Please confirm your mobile phone number that you want us to make the WhatsApp call to. WhatsApp is free to download to your smart phone.
  1. At the end of the session you can pay with your debit/credit card details via the video call.


Your treatment doesn’t need to stop, everything can be done from the safety of your own home.  Book online or send us an email at info@finelytuned.co.uk.